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Artist Bio

Amy Ning was born in Tokyo and moved to Los Angeles with her family in 1972. She studied art at California State University, Long Beach earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. Her work has been in various publications, product packaging, billboards, film and children's books. While an illustrator for the Orange County Register, Amy’s work was honored by the Society for News Design, Print Magazine and Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles.

Amy’s fine art has been showcased in numerous exhibitions in the United States and Japan, including “Nervous Edge” at the Art Institute of California, Orange County, and “Red Hot Wicked” and “Mini Hot” at Studio C Gallery in Los Angeles. She was also privately commissioned by Arque Orion Group for triptych and single-panel installations at the company’s offices in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

The endless journey of finding a balance between her two cultures, the East and the West, is evidenced in her art where she both examines, and embraces the ambiguity within. Disparity is the protagonist in all of Amy’s images. Amy draws inspiration from the energy and wit of the Cubist angles. Her appreciation of ukiyo-e woodblock art is reflected in her two-dimensional environments. The subtle gradations of color and texture, which were perfected during her airbrush period, are now achieved digitally. Amy’s concepts and preliminaries are executed traditionally and completed digitally as giclée prints.